Downloaded videos have the wrong name

Whenever users download a YouTube video with an Addoncrop YouTube video downloader, it usually assigns a filename automatically using the video’s title. However, Some users complain when they try to download the video, it does not automatically assign the filename anymore. Instead, it just assigns a default filename of “videoplayback.mp4“.

How to fix the wrong name

Please note this bug is not from our extension; any of your installed extensions controlling your downloads. In my extension portfolio, it was “Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder.”

To check which extension conflicts with your downloads, Temporarily disable all extensions and enable each browser addon one at a time along with Addoncrop YouTube video downloader, download the video after each one until you got “videoplayback.mp4” again

Install Flixmate with your Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader and download any video from YouTube in 4K as well as HD without size and length limits
Please note: Once the installation process is completed, Flixmate will be functioning in the background, and it will auto-connect with the YouTube Video Downloader extension.
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