What is Userscript

Userscript (a.k.a .user. js) is a single file program, usually written in JavaScript, for modifying web pages to enhance browsing. Uses include adding shortcut buttons, improving the layout, fixing bugs, keyboard shortcuts, controlling playback speeds, adding extra features to sites such as Video downloads, Video to Mp3 convert, adding reviews or price comparisons to a shopping website.

How to Install Userscript

Installing userscript should be done in a two-steps

  1. Install Userscript manager browser extension
  2. Add Userscript in Userscript manager extension

You may watch this 20-Sec Video Tutorial to easy understand Installing userscript in Firefox

(Step 1) Install Userscript manager browser extension

A userscript manager is a browser extension that provides a user interface to manage userscripts

On desktop browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, They are enabled to use a Userscript manager browser extension such as Tampermonkey,

And The chromium-based browser, Such as Chrome, Opera, and Edge, supports userscripts using Tampermonkey. Following are the direct links where you can install the Tampermonkey extension regarding your browser

(Step 2) Install Userscript from Addoncrop

  • Open the script page you want to install, for example, Youtube Video Downloader
  • Scroll down the page and find the Userscript section at the bottom
  • Install the script by clicking the Install Userscript button.
  • Confirm the installation by clicking Install in Userscript manager

The userscript is now installed and can be tested by opening or reloading the YouTube website.

Other sources of userscripts

The vast majority of userscripts may be found on openuserjs.org or greasyfork.org.

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