Installing and managing extensions

Installing Addoncrop Extension in Chrome via emulator (Recomended)

  • Browse to the Addoncrop store and search for the desired Extension;
  • Click Add to Chrome button and read the instructions;
  • Click on Let’s Go Button to install the Extension in Your Chrome Browser;
  • Simply follow the instructions and Installation done;

You may watch this 20-Sec Video Tutorial to easily understand  Chrome   Opera

Installing Addoncrop Extension in Firefox via Userscript manager

Addoncrop offers userscript for Firefox Browser. Installing userscript in Firefox should be done in a two-steps

  1. Install Tampermonkey (Userscript manager) browser extension
  2. Add your favorite Addoncrop’s userscript in Tampermonkey

You may watch this 20-Sec Video Tutorial to easily understand how to install userscript in Firefox

What is Userscript

Installing Addoncrop Extension in Chrome via developer mode

  • Navigate to the Extensions page;
  • Enable Developer mode by clicking the Developer mode toggle in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Load unpacked on the new menu that appears;
  • Select the extension folder in your local File Manager (if you have it as a .zip file, unzip it first);
  • Click Select Folder to load the Extension to chrome.

Managing Extensions (Enable, Disable, Delete)

Go to the Browser menu button Menu > More Tools > Extensions to open the Extensions page.

The Extensions page can also be accessed by:

  • Entering chrome://extensions in the Address Bar;
  • Right-clicking on an extension button in the Address Bar and selecting Manage Extensions;

Changing Extension settings

Some Addoncrop Extensions have settings you can change. To check these options:

  • Left-click on the extension icon on the Address Bar and click on the Options icon
  • Alternatively, Right-click on the Extension on the Address Bar and select Options from the context menu;

Disabling Extensions

To disable an Extension:

  • Open the Extensions page chrome://extensions
  • Click on the toggle button in the lower right corner of the Extension’s card.

Removing Extensions

To remove an extension:

  • Right-click on the desire Extension on the Browser Address Bar and select Remove Extension from the context menu;
  • Alternatively, Open the Extensions page and click the Remove button on the Extension page. In the confirmation window, click Remove again to confirm your decision.

Hiding Extension Buttons in Address Bar

To hide or show an Extension on the browser Address Bar, click on the puzzle icon to access your extensions. Locate the Extension and click on the pin icon next to the extension name

Reordering Extensions in the Address Bar

Enabled extensions display their icon as the Action menu button on the Address Bar. You can reorder these buttons by dragging and dropping them directly on the Address Bar.

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