How to download an entire SoundCloud playlist?

People have widely used SoundCloud for listening to songs online. You can find almost any song on SoundCloud and continue hearing them. The best thing about the SoundCloud platform is that there are plenty of already created playlists. You can directly play the entire playlist that has been made by other users or even create a playlist of your own. 

If you liked some playlists a lot on SoundCloud, there is no need to search every song individually and download it. With the Addoncrop SoundCloud Music Downloader, you can download an entire playlist of songs with a single click. Let us find out how you can do it.

How does it work?

Firstly, download the Addoncrop SoundCloud Music Downloader extension for your browser once you are done with downloading the extension, open SoundCloud and search for the playlist that you wish to download. 

You will also see a download button that appears with the options in every SoundCloud Music Playlist.

Clicking the button will collect all the songs and their information available in the playlist and will list all the songs in the queue.

Whether there are 20 songs or 200 songs, The downloads are completely optimized which means no extra load for your computer system. the extension will download every song in high quality to help you create your own offline playlist. 

More than just an extension to download an entire playlist

The Addoncrop SoundCloud Music Downloader extension is a tool filled with excellent features to help you out on the SoundCloud platform. This extension allows you to download high-quality MP3 songs for free. Other than that, some other notable features are downloading high-quality MP3 songs with ID3 tags, downloading entire pages of tracks, and so much more.

How to download an entire SoundCloud playlist?
Soundcloud Music Downloader

Download single tracks or entire playlists of Soundcloud to mp3 music with ID3 tags, ease & all for free! Ours best Soundcloud to mp3 converter browser extension supports a range of browsers, as well as letting you cut & trim your favourite audio content to your exact requirements.

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Crosspilot extension is needed to make Soundcloud Music Downloader work properly.

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