How to download music from vk

There is a wide range of Music and podcast available on VK. However, it’s not easy to download your favorite Music from VKontakte as VK does not offer any option for downloading. 

So the question is, how to download Vk music?

Addoncrop Vk music Downloader is a fast and straightforward tool for downloading audio tracks. Here, you are just a click away to select and download your favorite music file onto your computer drive from VK

How it works

Before downloading any music from the VK, ensure you have installed the Vk music downloader browser extension. 

Once you are done with the installation process, go to and navigate the Music you want to download. You will see a “download” button next to each music listing.

Hover on the Music download button to see the file information.

Just click the one you need to download. The song will begin downloading in mp3 format, and you should be able to play it from your desktop using a Music player.

How to download music from vk
VK Video Downloader

Download videos, music, and gifs from Vk. This browser extension supports all video qualities and formats available on Vk.

Crosspilot logo

Crosspilot extension is needed to make VK Video Downloader work properly.

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