How to Put a YouTube Video on Repeat

Have you ever found a YouTube video that you can’t stop watching? Have you got a pop song or comedy scene that you just want to watch over and over again?

When viewing Youtube videos via your computer or phone, YouTube offers a basic repeat function that allows you to put a single video or playlist on a loop. But what if you only want a YouTube loop of a small section of a movie or song?

We’re here to tell you that it’s possible with the Addoncrop YouTube looper that boasts many more features besides! The best thing? It’s absolutely free, no matter how many times you use it, and it always will be!

How Do You Put Part of a YouTube Video on an Infinite Loop?

With the Addoncrop video downloader, its YouTube looper function is really easy to loop just a portion of a Youtube video on repeat. Thanks to the simple interface of our browser extension, looping the favourite parts of your videos only requires a few clicks. Keep reading to understand the steps necessary to watch the best parts of your videos over and over again.

How Do You Use the Addoncrop YouTube Downloader?

To enjoy the ‘Infinite Loop’ function of our looper for YouTube, the first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is download and install the Addoncrop YouTube video downloader extension to your browser. Next, you need to open the video you want to put on infinite loop, and a new ‘Loop’ option will be visible beneath what you’re watching.

When you click on the ‘Loop’ button, you’ll see two sliders that are used to select the exact portion of the video you wish you put on YouTube repeat. 

There are a couple of ways that you can set the beginning and finish times of the YouTube repeater; 1) drag the sliders to the required start/end position or set the start/end time manually by typing it in.

It’s even possible to choose the exact amount of times you want our YouTube video looper chrome extension to repeat your selected section. Once everything is set up, our software will continue in line with the set loop parameters until you either stop it or close the page.

Far More Than Just a YouTube Looper Extension

It’s hard to disguise the fact that Addoncrop’s YouTube loop functionality is useful, but it’s only a fraction of the features that it offers. As well as this YouTube repeater feature, there are many others that allow you to download 4k videos, cut & trim videos, convert them into mp3/mp4/WAV/FLV etc, download YouTube video thumbnails and more!

It’s no wonder that those who use our YouTube downloader extension see it as the best available online. It’s free to use, feature-packed and won’t bombard you with pop-up ads, so what are you waiting for? Add us to your browser and start enjoying these fantastic functions as thousands have already.

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How to Put a YouTube Video on Repeat
YouTube Video Downloader

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