How to loop part of the YouTube video

Has it ever happened that you want to watch some YouTube video again and again? It could be anything like your favorite song, some random music, instrumental music, or even a movie video. 

Now, suppose you are using the YouTube site or mobile application. In that case, the users are provided with an option to put a particular video or even the entire playlist in repeat mode. But, what would you do if you wish to repeat only a certain portion of any YouTube video?

YouTube application or site does not officially provide this feature to view a certain portion of the video on loop. But, what if I tell you that it is still possible? Yes, you heard it right! 

How to put a part of the YouTube video on an Infinite Loop?

With the help of the Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader, you can easily put some portion of the YouTube video on loop. With the help of this extension, it is only a few clicks away to keep the favorite part of your movie running on repeat. Let us have a look at the step-by-step guide to know more about this guide and watch the best part of your most loved movie or song again and again.

How it works

First of all, you need to download the Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader extension in your browser. Now, open the YouTube video that you wish to watch on an infinite loop. A new “Loop” option would be visible below the YouTube video that you are playing. 

As you click on the “Loop” option, two sliders would be visible for selecting the exact portion of the video you wish to loop. You can either drag the slider to loop any part of the YouTube video or simply set an exact start and end time.

You can even choose how many times you wish to loop the selected portion of the YouTube video. Once you set up everything, the extension will perform the work of looping the video until you stop it or close the page.

More than just an extension to loop YouTube Videos

The Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader is not only helpful in looping the favorite part of your YouTube video, but it can perform various other functions. Some of the popular ones are downloading 4K videos, cutting and trimming YouTube videos, converting YouTube videos, downloading YouTube video thumbnails, and much more. There is a huge list of its features that you must have a look at after downloading the Addoncrop extension.

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How to loop part of the YouTube video
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