How to Capture a YouTube Screenshot

Memes represent a modern phenomenon that are loved by adults and teenagers alike. Many popular memes were created from a video in freeze-frame, so wouldn’t it be great to be able to screenshot YouTube videos when you see something you think might go viral on social media? YouTube doesn’t offer an easy way to take & download a still image from videos, but Addoncrop does.

Capture Still Images from YouTube Videos

Our YouTube screenshot extension makes the job of capturing still images from your favourite videos a simple process. Its software lets you get screenshots from the YouTube video content you watch instantly and easily. When using Addoncrop, the still image you capture from YouTube can be conveniently saved to your computer as a JPEG with a .jpg file extension.

How to Take a Screenshot With Addoncrop

Taking still images from YouTube videos is easy with Addoncrop, and the first step to doing so yourself is to install the YouTube downloader extension to your browser. Once you’ve done so successfully, you’ll see a ‘Screenshot’ button appear below the YouTube videos you watch. This applies whether you want to take a screenshot on Mac or Windows.

Next, play the YouTube video you want a screenshot of and then pause it and drag the slider that appears below to the exact frame you want to grab.

As soon as you find the exact frame you want to capture, simply click on the ‘Screenshot’ button that appears below your YouTube video. This is will lead to your chosen screenshot being downloaded as a JPEG image. All that you’ll be asked to do from here is to select a destination folder on your computer.

It’s important to note that the resolution of your still image will depend entirely on the playback quality of the YouTube video you’re trying to screenshot. What do we mean by that? Let us explain. For instance.

If you want to extract HD image from YouTube video, then the source needs to be of that quality or above. As such, if you’re watching a lower quality YouTube video with a bitrate of just 480p, it will be impossible to obtain a HD image from it. It’s for this reason that we advise only trying to take a YouTube screenshot on Windows or Mac from a good quality video.

Far More Than Just a YouTube Screenshot Extension

While our YouTube downloader browser extension is great at taking high-quality images from videos, it offers far more than that. Addoncrop offers a multitude of features alongside this function, such as downloading 4k videos, cutting and trimming videos, Cinema Mode, mp3 downloading and much more besides.

If that weren’t enough already, our extension lets you download YouTube video thumbnails, loop videos, and also download ID3 tags along with them. You’ll be simply amazed by the sheer number of features offered by Addoncrop, especially when you see that all this functionality is free. So, why not add our extension to your browser today?

Install Flixmate with your Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader and download any video from YouTube in 4K as well as HD without size and length limits
Please note: Once the installation process is completed, Flixmate will be functioning in the background, and it will auto-connect with the YouTube Video Downloader extension.
How to Capture a YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Video Downloader

Our free Browser Extension allows you to download YouTube videos in different video qualities ranging from 360p to ultra high definition 4k. Supports all formats, including AVI, FLV, WebM, MP4 and MP3 without size and length limits.

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