How to download subtitles from YouTube

When you watch YouTube videos that aren’t in a language you can understand, it can present a barrier to your understanding of what it’s actually about. It’s for this reason that YouTube added the subtitle feature for its video, movies and music videos. So, wouldn’t it be good if you could download subtitles from YouTube? Well, with the Addoncrop converter, you can!

Subtitles have become an important element in enhancing the YouTube video-watching experience, as they help people from all over the world enjoy content in other languages. When you download YouTube with subtitles, it can even be used by people looking to learn other languages, as it lets you know what’s actually being said.

How Do You Download YouTube Subtitle Data in SRT Format

If you’re looking for the most intuitive, most reliable YouTube subtitle downloader on the market, you simply have to download the Addoncrop YouTube browser extension. That’s because it offers many different features in addition to allowing you to download subtitles from YouTube easily and effortlessly.

Our popular browser extension offers all the features required to save YouTube subtitles in SRT and TEXT formats. Moreover, the highly useful downloading of auto-generated subtitles or translated closed captions is 100% free, no matter how many times you use it. This allows you to watch your favourite movies in different languages.

How Do You Download Subtitles From YouTube?

The first step to enjoying this useful functionality is to install the Addoncrop YouTube to your computer’s web browser and then head over to YouTube. Once there, find the video you want to download subtitles from and click on the ‘Subtitles’ button from the several options that are presented below.

As you click on it, all of the available languages that you download YouTube subtitle data in for that particular video. Then select your preferred language and download the subtitles directly onto your computer.

Which is the Best Player to Videos with Subtitles?

When downloading a movie or video from YouTube that includes a subtitle file, you might be wondering which player to use to watch them offline. There are various media players available on the market, but when dealing with videos & SRT files, we’d recommend using the VLC Media Player for the best possible results.

All that’s needed is to open the VLC player and wait for it to load the subtitle file automatically. This media player will search for the subtitle SRT file in subfolders like SUBS or SUBTITLES in case you have saved them in those folders, as well as the whole of your device.

As such, there is no need to save the SRT file with the exact name of the downloaded video. Also, when you have multiple SRT files available, our YouTube subtitle downloader allows you to choose one or all of them.

In the event of the VLC player not loading the subtitles automatically, you need to right-click on the video, select the ‘Subtitle’ option and then ‘Add Subtitle’ File. Once you’ve chosen the right subtitle file, you’re ready to start watching your video with subtitles.

Far More Than Just a YouTube Subtitle Downloader

The Addoncrop YouTube subtitle downloader function is extremely useful for the reasons listed above, but it’s just one small part of what our extension can do. It has many additional features, such as downloading 4k videos, taking video screenshots, video cutting, Cinema Mode and much more. So, why not add our extension today? It’s free and always will be!

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How to download subtitles from YouTube
YouTube Video Downloader

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