How to download 4K videos from YouTube

Video shot in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160/UHD) features more than 8 million pixels – it’s why it looks so sharp and clear! As such, when you want to watch 4K videos online, you need to have a fast, stable internet connection. If your connection is too slow or unreliable, don’t worry, as the Addoncrop 4k video downloader lets you download and watch 4k videos offline.

Introducing the Best YouTube 4K Video Downloader Around!

The Addoncrop YouTube video downloader is the one-stop solution for all of your YouTube content download needs. What’s more, our browser extension allows you to download 4K video clips for no charge whatsoever. Sure, you need to add the extension to your browser, but there’s no need to purchase any kind of licensed software.

There is some additional free software that you need to download and add to your computer’s browser, and it’s called Flixmate. Once integrated with your Addoncrop extension, this convenient & easy-to-use software provides full support for downloading high-quality video content or converting from one format to another in a range of qualities from 480p up to 8k!

Why Do I need Flixmate to Download HD Videos with Sound?

Flixmate is required to allow Addoncrop to function as a 4K video downloader because YouTube no longer offers direct download for HD videos with sound. Right now, YouTube only supports download via Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH), which means the video is split into two files - video & audio - which need to be merged to create a watchable video.

When you use our extension as a YouTube HD downloader without Flixmate, the videos you get will come without sound. It requires a special 'FFmeg' tool that merges the video and audio - something that Flixmate has, allowing it to command the extension to merge the audio and video in the background, giving you the high-quality video you were expecting.

Is the Flixmate App Compulsory For the Addoncrop Video Downloader?

No, downloading Flixmate is not compulsory, but it is needed if you want Addoncrop to be able to function as a 4K Youtube video downloader. In order to download HD or UHD videos, the software it contains is necessary. If you don't add Flixmate, you can use Addoncrop as a standalone YouTube downloader to save sub-HD quality videos or convert them to mp3.

How Do I Watch Downloaded Videos?

Once you've used our 4k video downloader YouTube clips can be played using one of a variety of free video players that include:

  • VLC - Windows/Mac/Linux (very popular)
  • Movies & TV - pre-installed on Windows 10
  • Windows Media Player 12 - Windows
  • iTunes - Windows/Mac

Can I Use the Flixmate App on Any OS (operating system)?

Currently, Flixmate only supports Windows 7, 8 & 10, but Mac and Linux support will be added in the near future.

How Do I Install Flixmate Into Addoncrop?

Adding Flixmate to the Addoncrop extension is super easier. Simply visit the official Flixmate site and click on the ‘Download’ button to save the software to your computer. As you run the software, an installation wizard will guide you through the process until is finished.

Once complete, the Flixmate software will be functioning in the background and will auto-connect with Addoncrop, allowing it to work as a 4k YouTube video downloader. When opening any YouTube video, you’ll see a ‘4k Download’ button under every video, meaning you only have to click on this Flixmate button to present the video below.

Ultra HD 4K download

When you click on the Flixmate download button, you’ll see a list of all of the available video resolutions.

Select your preferred video quality, and the download process will immediately begin.

What Else Do You Get With Addoncrop?

The Addoncrop YouTube video downloader is not simply a way to save YouTube videos, rather, it’s an extension that’s packed with features! It’s software that lets you download YouTube videos in 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, 2k Quad HD, 4K resolution, 8k Ultra HD or even 3D video.

Addoncrop also allows you to convert your favourite YouTube video into a range of different formats and choose only to download mp3 audio if desired. There are no download limits, and it’s always free. No wonder then that our 4K video downloader is as popular as it is!

Install Flixmate with your Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader and download any video from YouTube in 4K as well as HD without size and length limits
Please note: Once the installation process is completed, Flixmate will be functioning in the background, and it will auto-connect with the YouTube Video Downloader extension.
Ultra HD Download in Youtube video Downloader
YouTube Video Downloader

Our free Browser Extension allows you to download YouTube videos in different video qualities ranging from 360p to ultra high definition 4k. Supports all formats, including AVI, FLV, WebM, MP4 and MP3 without size and length limits.

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Foxified extension is needed to make YouTube Video Downloader work properly.

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