Disable Developer Mode warning in Chrome

What is developer mode in google chrome?

The developer mode is a method by Google chrome that allows developers to create, edit and test their extensions. Chrome has its own webstore and does not allow direct installation of extensions from outside its store. To install them, users have to use the Developer mode. When a user uses Developer mode, it shows a warning that developer mode is active, every time the user starts the browser. This warning is just a notification to tell the user that developer mode is active.

If you want to install a 3rd party extension but don’t want the warning every time, you can use Crosspilot to install those extensions.

What is CrossPilot?

CrossPilot is a chrome extension that allows users to install extensions from outside of the Chrome web store, in a safe and legit way.

How to Install Addoncrop extensions via Crosspilot

Follow the steps below to Install Addoncrop extensions

  1. Install Crosspilot chrome extension from webstore.
  2. Browse to Addoncrop and choose your favorite Extension.
  3. Click “Add to Crosspilot” to install the extension
  4. Allow required permissions
  5. That’s it. Your extension has been safely installed in your browser via Crosspilot.

Watch this 20sec video for easy understand

Benefits of Using CrossPilot

By using Crosspilot, you won’t have to use Developers mode. So, no warning, no pop-ups.
It has many benefits over the regular “Developer mode Install” way, which are as follows

Legit Way of Installation

CrossPilot is available for installation inside the Chrome web store. It has all the required permissions and thus is a safe & completely legit way of installing extensions from outside the chrome web store. Since it’s a legit way, it will not show any errors or developer mode warnings when you install/use any extensions with it.

Automatic Addon Updates

Crosspilot also allows Addons to check for updates. That way you don’t have to worry about the Addon updates. Crosspilot automatically checks and keeps your addon up to date.

Performance, Privacy & Security

Crosspilot provides you Performance, respects the privacy of your data, and has tough security to protect it. It has a complete sandbox environment and uses very minimum and safe permissions. That means it will not allow those (out of store) extensions to get installed which require suspicious permissions.

Limitations to Crosspilot

Unfortunately, Crosspilot has a limit on installing external extensions. At a time, it can keep only one extension. If you want to install any other extension, you’ll have to remove the first one.

We hate limits too but there is not much we can do about it. Crosspilot is, as of now, the easiest, most beneficial, and user-friendly way to install external Extensions.