How to convert YouTube video to Mp3

YouTube is the largest platform for watching movies and listening to songs. People spend a considerable amount of time in their daily lives on YouTube and watch the latest trending videos. Several people also make use of YouTube for learning purposes. There are plenty of courses and daily class videos uploaded on YouTube that turn out to be pretty useful for students.

The best thing about YouTube is that most resources are available free of cost. Whether you wish to listen to your favorite songs or learn something from an online tutorial or course, you can do it all for free. Now, what if you wish to download any YouTube video in MP3 format

There is no need to go through the long process of first downloading the YouTube video and then using a converter to convert it into the MP3 format. You can do it all with a single click by using the Addoncrop YouTube MP3 Converter. Let us see how it works.

How does it work?

The first step is to add the Addoncrop YouTube MP3 Converter extension in your browser.

Now, open the YouTube video that you wish to convert to MP3. You will find the Mp3 Download button right under the Youtube player

As soon as you click on it, an expanded box will appear. You can select the quality of the songs from different options like 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps. 

You can download high-quality mp3 songs with this extension, and once you select the desired quality, you only have to click on the “Download” button. The extension will ask you to select the location for downloading the MP3 file and begin with the download.

It is pretty easy to add the extension to Chrome, Edge, Safari, and other browsers too. You get to choose from top-quality audio and storage efficiency with the help of this extension. So, there is no need to go to any place to convert your favorite speeches, songs, and any other videos.

More than just a YouTube to MP3 Converter

The Addoncrop YouTube MP3 Converter extension is packed with several other features than converting YouTube videos to MP3 format. You can even cut and trim the YouTube videos before downloading them in MP3 format. The extension offers lightning-fast converting and downloading speed. 

Install Flixmate with your Addoncrop YouTube Mp3 Converter and download any video from YouTube in mp3 without size and length limits
Please note: Once the installation process is completed, Flixmate will be functioning in the background, and it will auto-connect with the YouTube Mp3 Converter extension.
How to convert YouTube video to Mp3
YouTube Mp3 Converter

Convert YouTube video in mp3 without leaving the YouTube page; supported mp3 bitrates upto 320kbps. Additionally, you can trim a part of YouTube video and download in MP3

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