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Want to convert videos from YouTube to mp3 without needing to leave the platform? Our mp3 YouTube converter is a free browser extension that supports mp3 bitrates up to a quality of 320kbps and can be easily trimmed & cut to whatever size or duration you need.

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Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 up to 320 Kbps Quality

Our YouTube to mp3 browser extension allows you to convert and download YouTube videos into mp3 files with just one click. All qualities of mp3 are available too, ranging from 64 kbps, through 128 kbps and 256 kbps, up to a maximum of 320 kbps. It really has never been easier to listen to your favourite songs and audio content offline.

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Trim & Cut Your YouTube Mp3s

A great feature of our YouTube mp3 downloader is its easy-to-use audio trimmer, which lets you cut audio down to exactly the length you prefer. Simply mark your desired start & finish points or type in the time required in seconds, and you’ve successfully used our mp3 cutter! The intuitive interface of our YouTube mp3 cutter allows you to cut mp3 in mere seconds!

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Download YouTube Mp3 With ID3 Tags

Our YouTube to mp3 converter also lets you download ID3 tags from YouTube, which contains valuable info like music genre, album title and artist name. Entering this data manually for each mp3 file is laborious and time-consuming, but when using our YouTube to mp3 extension, ID3 tags are automatically added - even when downloading multiple files.

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Convert & Download YouTube MP3 at Super-Fast Speeds

If you’re someone looking for a YouTube mp3 downloader that can handle long-duration audio or content downloads in bulk, ours is the ideal option. Offering the fastest conversion & download speeds available, you can download mp3 from YouTube without wasting precious time. Using our YouTube music downloader, all it takes is a single click and a few seconds!

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Our YouTube Converter Chrome Extension is 100% Free!

Users of our YouTube mp3 converter chrome extension get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that it will always be 100% free! No matter if you want to download complete playlists or entire albums, our YouTube music downloader chrome extension lets you gain access to as much podcast, music and other audio content as you can handle at no cost, ever!

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May 18, 2022
Version 7.1.0
  • Buttons injection in new/old design
  • 192kbps download support
  • Pin/Unpin button in the mp3 menu
  • Multithreading (Download files with multiple connections to the server)
  • Button to minimize the flixmate card
Mar 2, 2022
Version 7.0.5
  • Some minor UI issues related to Flixmate Media Toolkit
Feb 28, 2022
Version 7.0.4
  • Unlimited MP3 conversion support with Flixmate Media Toolkit
Feb 25, 2022
Version 7.0.3
  • Extension Ui in YouTube dark theme
Feb 24, 2022
Version 7.0.2
  • Some minor UI issues in the extension's settings page
Feb 22, 2022
Version 7.0.1
  • Some minor UI issues in the extension's settings page
Feb 10, 2022
Version 7.0.0
  • Updated extension theme with a clean and compact UI
Jun 28, 2021
Version 6.4.0
  • Fixed: Video information request failed with status code 404
Dec 16, 2020
Version 6.3.4
  • Fixed age-restricted videos have no downloads for logged out users
  • Fixed video configuration not found for some videos
Oct 31, 2020
Version 6.3.3
  • Fixed YouTube signature extraction
Oct 22, 2020
Version 6.3.2
  • Fixed "video configuration not found" error
Aug 21, 2020
Version 6.3.1
  • Fixed video configuration not found for age restricted videos
Aug 14, 2020
Version 6.3.0
  • "cannot read property 'js' of undefined" issue Fixed
  • Don't show error message on live and upcoming videos
May 8, 2020
Version 6.2.4
  • Improved signature cipher extraction
  • Improved signature player key extraction
May 7, 2020
Version 6.2.3
  • Improved MP3 conversion API
  • Improved YouTube video information extraction
Mar 13, 2020
Version 6.2.2
  • Issue Fixed (request failed with status code 429)
Jul 30, 2019
Version 6.2.1
  • Minor bug fixes and improvement to the overall performance of the extension.
  • Fixed YouTube API changes which caused errors in the video title and description. The data appears correctly.
Feb 13, 2019
Version 6.1.1
  • This update features some minor bug fixes and improvements to the functionality of the extension.
  • The limit on MP3 conversion and download has been increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
Oct 29, 2018
Version 6.0.0
  • Mp3 Trimming feature has been added. The media can be trimmed before conversion to MP3 and download.
  • The time limit of MP3 conversion and download has been increased to 30 minutes.
  • Made changes to the interface of the YouTube MP3 converter. The new design is very user-friendly.
Jul 30, 2018
Version 5.0.6
  • An issue caused YouTube MP3 converter to stop working. this issue appeared due to class updates in YouTube. It has been fixed and the extension is working nicely.
Feb 26, 2018
Version 5.0.4
  • The Custom download folder has been removed. It was added for ease of users but it received many complaints which led to the decision of it being removed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the amount times I can use the YouTube to mp3 downloader?

No, there’s absolutely no limit at all, no. Whether using it 10 times or 100 times, the same principle applies - our YouTube mp3 converter is always free in every way!

Is it possible to manually adjust the quality of the mp3s that I download?

Absolutely, yes. You can set whatever bitrate quality you like, with options ranging from 64 kbps up to 320 kbps.

How will downloading ID3 tags affect my listening experience?

They provide you with useful information that shows exactly what you’re listening to for an improved time listening to your favourite YouTube to mp3 audio offline.

How long does the download process take for each mp3?

When you download YouTube mp3 using our free browser extension, we can’t control how long it will take. The conversion part of the process only takes a few seconds, but the download time will depend on the speed of your connection.

Is it easy to trim & cut mp3 down to your preferred size?

Totally. Entering the start & end times or mark the duration with the sliders, and you’re done!

Is it just Chrome that’s supported by this YouTube to mp3 converter?

No. Our downloader supports Edge, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, Brave and, of course, Chrome.

What benefits come from lowering/raising the mp3 bitrate quality?

Should you wish to use our YouTube mp3 downloader and you’re restricted in terms of data usage, lowering the quality will reduce the file size and the data needed for download. Conversely, if you raise the bitrate quality, the audio standard will be higher.

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