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Version: 4.3.3 | Updated: DEC 22, 2015 | Size: 65.2KB |  Languages:English


Single-click, high-quality MP3 Direct downloads without leaving the Soundcloud page.

How It works This app integrates with all major browsers, including Chrome, Opera, and Yandex. When installation is complete, a Download button will show up under each song, Playlist {AS SCREENSHOT} on the SoundCloud Web site, and clicking that will send the music right to your computer, so you can play it anytime.

SoundCloud Downloader is a convenient browser addon that offers exactly what you want with no extra steps. You can quickly increase your music library with this app, and having all of your favorite songs downloaded to your computer means you can transfer them to other devices or listen even when you’re offline.

New features:
– Support for non-English titles.
– Hovering on a download button will popup a qr-code with it’s link. Now you can easily get your favourite tune on your phone as-well.

Supported browsers – Chrome | Opera | Yandex | Chromium base Browsers
For Chromium base Browsers which support Chromium extensions in Crx format please Click on Download for Yandex Button

Download for Chrome  Download For Opera  Download for Yandex  How To Install Help

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ali sezer

Nice working Fine …. Thank You

praveen sounr

i am happy after Install it 🙂 Really awesome


Very good! Thx!