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Youtube Mp3 Converter

Convert YouTube videos in mp3 format without leaving the YouTube page, Supported Mp3 bitrates 96kbps, 128Kbps, 256Kbps & 320Kbps

Brief Description

The Youtube MP3 converter is an easy to install and use addon for your browsers. It enables you to convert YouTube videos in MP3 format. It allows you to do so without redirecting you to any other page. It’s also help trim and cut youtube mp3 in single click

How it Works

You can download YouTube MP3 converter from for chrome or other browsers. The package also includes the detailed instructions about how to install the addon for YouTube MP3 converter. Once you complete the installation, open any video on YouTube and you will be able to locate the “Download MP3” button right above the “Subscribe” button of the video. Click this button to proceed for downloading YouTube video in to MP3 format immediately.

Key features of the addon

Support for Embedded Videos

The YouTube MP3 converter comes with the built-in support for embedded YouTube videos on third party sites. It enables you to directly convert these videos in MP3 format. You just have to click on the “Download MP3” button that appears on the top right corner of the video player and proceed to download the video in MP3 format on same page.

Fast and High Quality Download

The YouTube MP3 converters offers MP3 bitrates of 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps for videos conversion in to various high quality MP3 format. This wide range bitrates makes the YouTube MP3 converter perfect choice for your YouTube media conversion requirement. YouTube MP3 converter is an amazing package available in market. It implements the seamless procedure for whole conversion process and enables you to download the required YouTube media in MP3 format. The users can do so at the speed of thunderbolt without wasting any of their time and data.

On Page Download

It features the capability of converting YouTube video in to MP3 format on the same page. The user is never asked to leave the page or automatically redirected to another page for this purpose. The whole procedure is extremely easy and smooth and does not involve any glitch such as ads or site blockage.


The YouTube MP3 converter offers amazing flexibility for users in terms of various option settings. The user can select between various bitrates for video conversions, change the placement of the “Download MP3” button, and can do much more to customize the addon as per their requirements.

Important Note

The YouTube MP3 converter chrome extension allows to convert only those videos in to MP3 format that are up to 30 minutes long.

Policy disclaimer

Addoncrop is not responsible for media contents that you download with this addon. We strongly recommend that you verify the related media copyright permissions on each website before downloading any video file(s).

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Version: 6.0.0

  • 1 month agoUpdateAddon UI improved
  • 1 month agoAddLimit increased to 30 minutes
  • 1 month agoAddMp3 Trim feature added Now you can trim and cut youtube videos in mp3
  • 1 month agoAddnow you can convert youtube videos in mp3 from your browser toolbar Popup

Version: 5.0.6

  • 5 months agoFixed"Download Button" Error
    YouTube Was updated their class, That is why YouTube Mp3 Converter addon was stop working , we have fixed this issue

Version: 5.0.4

  • 10 months agoRemovedCustom Download folder" Removed from Option page, This was extra feature and users was complains they don't like it

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That is great, I was searching something for quite long time, thanks

Browser Name

Works great.
Will there be a playlist download in the future?

Browser Name

when i click the tab at the top right it shows a black image with mp3 at the bottom, if i click mp3 the download seems to be stuck on converting???? any help would be appreciated.

Browser Name

if i dont want to watch video? is there other way to download this addon?

Browser Name

Available for android?

Browser Name

Hello. there is possible to change download directory only for this extension? cuz i want special folder for mp3

Jozsef Kiss

Excellent, thank you much! Is it possible to set the output directory?

Connor Burfeind

Awesome downloading extension, works flawlessly. The best I’ve come across on here


Use to work for me but no longer does. Anyone else having this issue?


Just downloaded it and not working

Edwin Patricio

thanx a lot for making this converter i already tried a lot of converter but this one was pretty easy to use and you dont have to copy paste everytime.. just one click and youre good to go…. many thanx again

Walter Herrera

Its great, although the 128kbps quality is a bit low, I wish there was some way to change the quality to at least 192kbps.


Wow it’s really fast. It takes like a half second to download an average song


thanks:) nice

Jose Guadalupe Rodriguez Flores

how change quality of music?


its awesome bros.. very good work

Fadlin Johan

u are GOOD


Thanks for the addon very usefull

Mariami Kupatadze

You are super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

Mariami Kupatadze

EEE .. Easy to download , Easy to install, Easy to use
Thank you.


large music not working…


Thank you!