VK Videos and Music Downloader User’s Guide

Addon Overview


Download a Vk.com video

On a page with video you will see a “Download”” Button under your video on screen. Click this button to see the all available formats of the video depending upon Screen Quality. Just click the desired format saves to your computer storage and you are done.


Download Music from Vk.com

On a page with music when user will hover over a track, a button for downloading the playing track and short information about the file size and bitrates will appear. Click on Download icon and save it in your drive

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How to delete or uninstall the Addoncrop’s extension ?

Typically, you can delete or uninstall a Google Chrome or Opera extension by simply typing Chrome://extensions in the address bar of the browser and it will do the trick for you. Alternatively, you can also do it through the Customize and Control settings page of the browser. The process is extremely easy, you just have to follow the below given steps:

1. Locate and click on the menu icon on your Browser Toolbar and then go to “More Tools”.
2. Select the “Extensions” among the listed options under “More Tools” menu.
3. Click on to the trash icon to remove the icon from your browser. You can find it right in front of the name of the extension you want to remove from your browser.

How can I update extension for my browser if new version is available?

Just follow the below easy steps in order to update the extension to latest available version on Addoncrop.com.

– Open page chrome://extensions/
– Remove old version of the extension from your browser and you may also delete folder containing setup files of the extension.
– Download latest version of the extension from Addoncrop.com.
– Extract or unpack the setup files in to a folder from the .zip file.
– Install latest version using the developer mode method for installation of the extensions for Chrome browser.

The browser Extension is not working properly or has suddenly stopped working?

There are some users who try to install an extension again that already configured for their browsers. It results in abnormal working of the already installed extension. If you have downloaded the extension from Addoncrop.com then ensure that it is enabled in extension settings after you complete installation for it. You can check the setting for it by visiting the page Chrome://extensions/ for Chrome and about:addons for firefox. If it is not enabled, then enable it to start using it.
Please also ensure that you have installed the latest version of the extension for browser.

If you have enabled the extension and still it does not work properly, Please contact our support team. We will help you immediately to resolve the issue and fix bugs if there are any.