Dailymotion Video Downloader User’s Guide


Addon Overview


Download a Dailymotion video

Once the Dailymotion video downloader is installed, It simply adds a “”Download” button under Video player which populates a list with all the available videos Format to download, click the desired format, save to your hard drive and you’re done..! It’s also Private Video Downloads Supported


Convert Dailymotion videos in Mp3

This Addon also support download Dailymotion tracks in MP3, In download menu with all the available Media Format you also will see save in mp3 click that option it will take Max 20 sec To Convert Video in mp3 format depend on video duration


Embedded Video Support

You can also download videos directly from embedded Dailymotion players. Just hover a cursor on it and a “Download” button appears Top Right Corner of Video player. Click to save video in the desired quality


Video Pop out for Dailymotion

This feature enables to pop the video out into its own popup window. The resulting window contains the full Dailymotion™ player with all controls for quality, closed captioning, full screen etc. that can be resized to scale the video. Each video gets its own window, so you can open as many videos as you like.


Cinema Mode for Dailymotion

This feature lets you enjoy your Dailymotion videos without any of the distractions by dimming all of the other elements on the web page so you can focus on your video.


Custom Downloads folder

This function Allows users to download video files to a different sub download folder, such as Downloads\Dailymotion videos, rather than the Downloads folder.