What is Chrome Developer mode?

Google Chrome developer mode basically offers a way or mechanism for developing, debugging, testing, and customization of the extensions for chrome browser. The chrome users also use it as a backdoor tool to install extensions that are unpacked for Chrome browser. Chrome does not offer any other way to allow installation of extensions that are not available on its official Web store.

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How to install Addoncrop extensions for my browser?

Watch 30 seconds video tutorial here on the topic.

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How to disable developer mode warning for Chrome browser?

Yes, you are right. Having popped up developer mode warning every time on starting your browser is as much annoying as Hell!

To disable developer mode warning, please read the detailed Tutorial here.

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Why browser returns error “Extension’s manifest file is missing or unreadable“

It is something that commonly happens if you select a wrong folder or accidently delete the manifest file of the extension or do not name it properly or have changed the format of the file. Double check the extension folder to make sure that source files of the extensions are present else download the latest version of the extension and install it again for your browser.

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How to delete or uninstall the Addoncrop’s extension ?

Typically, you can delete or uninstall a Google Chrome or Opera extension by simply typing Chrome://extensions in the address bar of the browser and it will do the trick for you. Alternatively, you can also do it through the Customize and Control settings page of the browser. The process is extremely easy, you just have to follow the below given steps:

1. Locate and click on the menu icon on your Browser Toolbar and then go to “More Tools”.
2. Select the “Extensions” among the listed options under “More Tools” menu.
3. Click on to the trash icon to remove the icon from your browser. You can find it right in front of the name of the extension you want to remove from your browser.

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How can I update extension for my browser if new version is available?

Just follow the below easy steps in order to update the extension to latest available version on Addoncrop.com.

– Open page chrome://extensions/
– Remove old version of the extension from your browser and you may also delete folder containing setup files of the extension.
– Download latest version of the extension from Addoncrop.com.
– Extract or unpack the setup files in to a folder from the .zip file.
– Install latest version using the developer mode method for installation of the extensions for Chrome browser.

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The browser Extension is not working properly or has suddenly stopped working?

There are some users who try to install an extension again that already configured for their browsers. It results in abnormal working of the already installed extension. If you have downloaded the extension from Addoncrop.com then ensure that it is enabled in extension settings after you complete installation for it. You can check the setting for it by visiting the page Chrome://extensions/ for Chrome and about:addons for firefox. If it is not enabled, then enable it to start using it.
Please also ensure that you have installed the latest version of the extension for browser.

If you have enabled the extension and still it does not work properly, Please contact our support team. We will help you immediately to resolve the issue and fix bugs if there are any.

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Mark Lopiccola

Lets try this again. I keep getting the “new install” popup for EVERY video viewed.
Firefox (latest version)
Windows 10 Pro
GeForce GT610
I am including a screenshot to better explain what I keep seeing.

Addon Name
YouTube Video Downloader
YT Downloader trouble.jpg

I fixed it took a bit of wrangling, but it does work>
You have to fiddle a bit and type in the path without the usual C:/Users/ part


Can not change the download folder in the settings. Yes I have CHANGE DOWNLOAD FOLDER enabled. Yes I navigated to the folder I want it to be and selected it but there is no option to choose / save it as my selection from the screen. Other than this, it is absolutely perfect, just what I wanted.


hi, amazing add-ons! but chrome keeps disabling them after few hours even with developer mode enabled! so i have to reinstall every time i run chrome, is there any fix for this issue?

thanks alot

Addon Name
video downloader & mp3 converter

Hey the addon itself is awesome but why doesn’t the screenshot button work some times

Addon Name
YT Video Downloader

Why is the screenshot button not showing up even though I have enabled it?

Addon Name
YouTube Video Downloader

How come there is no option to download 1080p version, only 720p, despite the youtube video being available in 1080p?

Addon Name
YouTube Downloader
Mats J

Well it worked after installing latest version, but after I restart pc it’s gone from Chrome! Dev mode still active.


The add-on downloaded from addoncrop.com could not installed because it appears to be corrupted
Message appears.


YouTube Vdeo Downloader 15.0.2 does not properlly work on some videos.

i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUjI4BBeyC0

I can only download up to 720p.

However, I’m able to switch to 1080p when watching, which is weird.

Mats J

“videoplayback” is all I see. Just installed it, and yes it’s in developer mode.It’s broken.


no me aparece el voto de mp3 y no puedo descargar la cancion


i have installed the You Tube downloader extension. it works when first installed but stops working when i close the chrome browser & reopen the browser again and get the below message when i select the arrow in the browser

Your file was not found
It may have been moved or deleted.


Download of mp3’s don’t works


It didn’t work for me at first, I got an error for ‘Failed to load extension from Localization used, but default_locale wasn’t specified in the manifest.’

I deleted the folder ‘_locales’ from the installation folder and tried again, this time it worked.


HI just installed the mp 3 extension and it works pretty good however when I transfer the music
to I tunes for download to my I phone they wont accept it ?.Is the extension not compatible ?
If not can you recommend another extension.
Regards Clarence

Al rome

Whenever i choose the download mp3 button it opens a ConverMP3.io thing and no download happens… please help

Hi, I’m trying to disable “developer mode warning” but when i run the bat file, it errors. The error: The term ‘C:UsersAZ40EB~1.SAppDataLocalTempDevWarningPatch.ps1’ is not re cognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. C heck the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again. At line:1 char:59 + C:UsersAZ40EB~1.SAppDataLocalTempDevWarningPatch.ps1 <<<< 'C:UsersA. Z.SDesktop ' '' + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (C:UsersAZ40EB…arningPatch.p s1:String) [], CommandNotFoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException I copied the red error part. My username is A.Z.S
William Solberg

Where can i select the save location of the files im downloading?

pro user
Hi, Thanks for these amazing useful extensions. i know google isnt happy with your works, BUT it dosnt CAREE !! because the USERS are so much HAPPY with that ! )) google owners are such a Selfish+Brainless creatures WHOSE wonts to making works easier for users. Suggestions : 1- making chrome full backup { or at least Extensions+settings } on Local computers. google Sync was a useless+Sh!t for me, it recovered just only some incomplete Bookmarks for me ! )) im using “GoodSync” application for now, but im not sure to chrome will be working to good by replacing user… Read more »