Google Bookmark Manager

Manage and arrange your bookmarks quickly in alphabetical order or in folders using the Bookmark Manager Extension.

Brief Description:

The Google Bookmark Manager is sophisticatedly designed with ultra-advanced features. It allows the user to bookmark & redirect to their saved websites, images, and videos in their required way. It is featured with Google Smart Search and updated modern UI. It is very easy to install and configure this extension to bookmark your desired pages. The package includes a 60 seconds video tutorial with complete step by step elaboration to configure this extension.

How It Works:

Follow the procedure mentioned in the 60 seconds “How to Install” video tutorial. Once synchronized with chrome you are at just one click distance away to save and bookmark your notes, images, videos, and websites. Google will automatically suggest a folder to segregate if it seems like it could fit.

Key Features of the Addon:

Improved Search:

The extension is featured with search tool powered by Google. It helps the user to find the elusive page quickly.

Collect Bookmarks By Topics:

With the help of this feature, users can organize their bookmark images, videos, notes, and sites by any order they want. They can organize bookmarks alphabetically into folders. It helps the user to redirect or find the required data with just a couple of clicks.

Familiar Bookmarks, New Look:

This extension auto-update the current bookmarks with description and image, whenever possible. So it generates a thumbnail type icon which allows the user in rapid selection of their desired bookmarks.

Access your Bookmarks Anywhere:

Chrome will synchronize your bookmarks automatically across all your devices. So it makes life easier for us. No matters, where you are, you can access

bookmarks with our mobile or tablets.

Important Note:

This extension is an updated, modified, and advanced version of the actual “Bookmark Manager” that was offered by Google official store for the extensions. It is very similar to the version official version 2.2018.815.1147 which you can still find out on the Google Web Store. So I just wanted to make it clear that I do not credit myself in any way for the development of this extension. The original version of this extension was available for the users till 20th July 2018. It was denounced later on the 16th August 2018. So if you download it from official Google Web Store, it will not work for you.

Policy Disclaimer:

The users who download and install Bookmark Manager from must agree with it’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy mentioned at

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It works great as i have a lot of bookmarks it shows me in an asending order. the page i bookmark now will show me on the top and so on ….

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Amazing bookmark manager i have ever seen. It works smartly and absolutely in the way i want attractive colors behind the thumbnail, can create folders, and it just clean my bookmark bar from the number of bookmarks. Bunch of thanks.

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