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Dailymotion Video Downloader

Easily Download and save videos from Dailymotion, Supports all available video qualities 240p, 380p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Brief Description

The dailymotion video downloader addon enables the user to download videos in high quality and original format from

How it Works

Download video from dailymotion

You can download this amazing addon from The dailymotion video downloader extension is supported by chrome and many other browsers. It comes with the complete installation procedure. A “download” button will be added under video player after you complete its installation. Hover your cursor over the “download” button and it will display all the available video formats for downloading. You can select your desired format and directly save it on to your hard drive. It also includes the support to download the private videos.

Convert dailymotion video in MP3 format

The addon also offers the support for downloading the dailymotion videos in to the mp3 format. You can find the “save in MP3” option under the “download” button. It takes only 20 seconds at maximum to convert dailymotion video in to MP3 format depending on the duration of the video.

Key features of the addon

Support for Embedded Videos

The dailymotion downloader offers the support for directly downloading the videos from embedded Dailymotion players. You can find the “Download” button option on top right corner of the video player by moving your cursor anywhere on the video. Click to select and save the video in desired format.

Video Pop Out Button

This option enables the pop out feature for the Dailymotion videos. You can play the Dailymotion™ video in separate window with all control. These controls allow to adjust quality, caption capabilities, and switching to full mode screen. It also allows to resize the window of the video. You can open multiple videos at a time in this manner and each video is popped out in separate window.

Loop Video Button

If you ever wanted to watch the same video on Dailymotion™ repeatedly without pressing the replay button every time, then this feature is definitely meant to be for you. It adds the “loop” button under Dailymotion™ video player. The video will repeat for infinite time once you select it.

Cinema Mode Button

The cinema mode button in Dailymotion video downloader addon dims the surrounding elements on your web page and lets you to focus only on video so that you can completely enjoy it without any distractions.

Thumbnails visibility

The Dailymotion automatically blurs the preview or thumbnail for certain videos. This features ensures the clear visibility of thumbnail for such videos.

Copy to Clipboard Button

This feature of Dailymotion video downloader enables to copy the URL of desired video to enable downloading through any download manager.

Custom Download Folder

The Dailymotion video downloader also allows the user to download video and MP3 files in to any of their desired destination folder.

MP3 Converter Configuration

The user can also customize settings for MP3 converter feature in Dailymotion video downloader to convert video files in different MP3 formats. It comes with the capability to support bit rates 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps.

Video Formats Supported

The addon support downloading in all available video formats on dailymotion. It includes 240p, 380p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Important Note

Please always start the downloading after video is loaded up to 10 % at least in order to avoid any broken link issues.

Policy disclaimer

Addoncrop is NOT responsible for media contents that you download with this Addon. We strongly recommend that you verify the related media copyright permissions on each website before downloading any video file(s)

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Version: 12.0.3 , Date: 31 July 2018

"Turn of light" function improved
Video random name issue Fixed (Now all video files will be download properly with correct video title)


Version: 12.0.2 , Date: 26 February 2018

Bug fixing and improvement:

Video random name issue Fixed (Now all video files will be download properly with correct video title)



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My experience with dailymotion downloader is very superb.
It is too good. i am very satisfied with this ,I downloaded a number of videos by using it.

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Makes life much easier! rather than run heavy software for downloading the video now just have to install this superb add-on in browser and it start works brilliantly. Love all the feature especially the cinema mode :).

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Perfect dailymotion downloader i have ever seen like it just completely best . Popout feature is surprising

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Brandon Jackson

The Best free Online dailymotion video downlaoder. I love this extension

Motion Studio

It’s the best video grabber that i’ve ever seen and use!


I had this on Firefox and the button disappeared. Looking to get it back but can’t find a “download for Firefox option” for Daily Motion. Any ideas on what to do for Firefox?

k chan

Please help. It doesn’t work again.

Download: No links were found | IF Stop working please Update extension from Addoncrop.Com


Please help! I got this when I clicked “download”

Download: No links were found | IF Stop working please Update extension from Addoncrop.Com

Where do I update it?

Sohail Sagar

verry nice