How to hide comments from YouTube

Youtube is a platform that has something for everyone. No matter if you’re an adult, a teen or a kid. And yet, no matter who you are, you’ll face comments on videos which you wish you never read.

For adults, they can easily lead to embarrassing situations, especially when kids are around because kids are curious. They might see a swear in a comment, they might ask you about it, leaving you speechless.

There is an easy way to avoid these situations, that is to simply hide comments from Youtube. Disabling comments is a feature that Youtube provides it’s creators with. They can use this option and prevent users from commenting on their videos but what about when users want to hide the comments section? Yes, there is away.

Ways to disable/hide YouTube comments

It is possible to hide Youtube comments by using browser extensions. There are multiple extensions that can be used for this purpose. These extension’s names are

  • Hide YouTube comments
  • Addoncrop YouTube video downloader

Hide YouYube comments extension

This extension does the job of Hiding the comments nicely. The comments simply disappear once the extension has been installed.
The main drawback of this extension is that it does not have the feature of enabling or disabling YouYube comments. Once the comments have been Disapeared, you cannot see them again untill you disable or remove extension. You can install this extension here.

Addoncrop YouTube video downloader extension

Addoncrop’s Youtube video downloader is an all in one package for YouTube. It hides the comments from YouTube in a design-friendly way. If you wish to view the comments again, you can simply disable the feature of hiding comments in settings.

This extension provides many other features besides hiding YouTube comments which include video downloading, mp3 conversion and more. It can be easily installed in chrome and all other major browsers like opera and edge. To install this extension, Click here

How to hide comments from YouTube
Founder in AddonCrop
Mar 14, 2020

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