How to disable developer mode warning in Google Chrome
January 29, 2018 Addoncrop
What is Developer Mode in Google Chrome

The developer mode in Chrome enables the users and developers to customize various operational capabilities of the browser. It allows for the deeper insight into the various functionalities of the browsers and integrated extensions. It enables the user to incorporate advanced features that add more flexibility. The Google Chrome developer tool comes with built-in options for debugging and customization. It also allows the user for quick development, modification, and optimization of web pages and extensions. Chrome does not allow to install the extensions that are not downloaded directly from Chrome Web Store. The developer mode also enables the user to install such extensions that are downloaded outside of Chrome Web Store.

Why Extensions from Outside of Chrome Web Store are not allowed to install

The extensions from outside of Chrome Web Store may include the features that are not usually acceptable or permissible e.g. video downloader for YouTube. These features are never included in the extensions available on Chrome Web Store. You will find numerous extensions on AddonCrop that incorporates or lists such features. So, chrome will never allow to install or integrate such extensions to be used with it and users will have to go for alternate methods to install most of the extensions downloaded from AddonCrop. The Chrome developer mode enables the user to install such extensions that are not downloaded directly from its official web store. There is no other method available to install extensions downloaded from AddonCrop or any other reliable source available.

Why Chrome Inject Developer Mode Warning

Once the user has installed any extension from AddonCrop or any other external source, he will receive the pop-up message or alert about “Developer Mode Extension” warning from the browser. The message will appear for each start of the browser by the user. It will stay on the screen until or unless user selects from one of the available options that are “disable or cancel”. The “disable” option will disable the extension whereas “cancel” option allows the user to simply ignore the notification without any further modifications in chrome or the installed extension. The chrome developer mode warning basically is designed to be the smart security features for the safety of users. It ensures that users are intimated or has information prior to installation of any extension outside of Chrome Official Web Store e.g. AddonCrop. It also helps to make sure that user is well aware of any malicious extensions installed mistakenly and do necessary measures to block or uninstall it.

Are Developer Mode Extensions Harmful?

The question often teases the user and they want to know that the AddonCrop extensions that are installed in developer mode are harmful or not. The answer to the question is simply no because AddonCrop is one of the most reliable sources for downloading and installing extensions outside of Chrome Official Web Store. However, if you do not install any extension from AddinCrop and Chrome starts to display developer mode warning then you must take necessary steps to ensure the safety of your system and integrity of your data.

How to disable Developer Mode Warning permanently

The easiest way to disable the “Developer Mode Warning” permanently was to make use of the chrome.dll patch. However, since the release Chrome Version 63, the patch is no more applicable. It is now recommended to use the Chrome Canary Browser for this purpose. It comes with the built-in mechanism to suppress developer mode warning. It is an official upcoming version of Chrome browser that is specially designed for developers. It does not involve development contributions from any third party software. You can download it from https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/canary.html

Difference between Chrome and Chrome Canary:

Chrome canary is among the latest versions of the chrome. It comes with most updated features that are completely tested. Chrome Canary has the capability to install at different profile than Google Chrome. It makes it more stable. It also includes the PDF reader and Flash player.

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Stacey Anderson
Stacey Anderson

Chrome Canary is the LEAST stable version of Chrome, it doesn’t have the latest features fully tested, it is the testing platform for the newest features. Many bugs appear in Chrome Canary, if people want the latest features soon I would say the Beta channel is the way to go, it is the step up from Canary.