What is AddonCrop

AddonCrop does not have any official affiliation with any corporation or online social platforms. It offers amazing and unique extension for browsers. These extensions enable extraordinary capabilities and functionalities to the browsers once installed and configured by the users. The user can also get the complete details on how to install and configure these add-ons for optimal use. The addons that are available on AddonCrop.com also allows the user for customization of various options as per their requirements. Your browser becomes more and more innovative in terms of the ease to use various media tools for online social platforms. It also includes various control features for your browsers such as privacy, video download and ad-blocking.

Why we Launched AddonCrop

Our mission aim is to provide quality and unique Browser addons for the users worldwide. These exciting extension are not available usually on official Browser web stores. The extensions available on Addoncrop.com add wide variety of new amazing features along with the exceptional functional capabilities. It enables users to fulfill their various requirements on daily basis. For example, if you may have to download a video from YouTube or convert any YouTube video in to MP3 format without leaving the YouTube page then YouTube will offer with you no option that allows you to do so. Here, the extensions from AddonCrop.com play their part and enable you to do all this amazing stuff with extreme convenience.

Prevents Spamming

There are many websites on the internet where you will find Userscripts and various addons. They even ask the developer sign up for free account in order to be able to upload addons/scripts for their browsers. This process usually annoy the users as most of the times after passing through long and tedious process they find out that either addon is not functioning properly as per description or has some malicious script or is a spam. The ranking of such websites also degrades quickly with the short passage of time as they do not offer quality content to their users and try to spam them.

We at AddonCrop.com never ask developer to sign up for any account and make sure that each and every addons or extension uploaded by our team are totally safe, free from bugs, does not have any malicious script, and 100% reviewed by our team. All available addons are completely developed by our own experts.

Strict Policies of Browser Web Stores

Every browser comes with the strict regulating policies to allow the user to control or add the features to browser through addons or extensions. The official web stores of the browser usually offer very limited number of addons to enhance the functional capabilities of their browsers. There are three main browsers that are mostly used worldwide that includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Opera Add-on Store

The opera addon store is very boring and does not offer much variety of the extension for its users. There are very few extension available on Opera web store that are useful for users.

Mozilla Firefox Store

The Mozilla Firefox offers a large number addons for the users. Once an addon is listed on their official web store, it remains there forever. They do not bother even if the support from the developer end is no more available and will still appear in the search results. This is one of the major reason that 60% of the add-ons that are available on Mozilla Firefox are not working.

However, there is a competitive browser “Google Chrome” available on line that has intrigued us to go for the launch of AddonCrop.com.

Google Chrome Store

The Chrome official Webstore policies keep on changing every day. They also do not allow any product or services on their Webstore that encourage, facilitate, or enable the access, download, and streaming of content which is protected by copyrights. It is a really smart tactic make fool of your users as all other major browsers allow these types of activities.

Chrome also does not allow to directly install the extension that outside of or not available on official chrome webstore. However, the user can install such extensions by using the Developer Mode Extension method. There is no other way to install extension for Google Chrome browser that are outside of their official webstore.

How to install an Extension for your browsers

The AddonCrop.com also details the complete on how to install and configure various extension for your browsers that you are available on AddonCrop.com for downloading. It includes the procedure for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other major browsers.

Important Note

If any of the extension available on AddonCrop.com does not work as described or expected, please contact the AddonCrop support team. The detailed contact form is available on the website for this purpose.

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James May
James May

Thank you guys so much for your extensions. I was also wondering if there was a way to donate at all? I would pay 10 euros for the youtube extension easily, and I think it’s only fair considering how much effort you guys probably put into it.

Addon Name

Solute to the development team! You are awesome!


Like the initiative ! you have bitconi donation ? (or any other crypto..)

Extension Programmer
Extension Programmer

Facebook and Hotspot shield VPN extension links are broken!


Awesome developers <3


Guys please make a strong popup blocker like “better popup blocker” that was discontinued by erick but are free and opensource.
Here are the link. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Internet-Applications-Addons/Chrome-Extensions/Better-Pop-Up-Blocker.shtml



Thanks Addoncrop! I really like the stuff u guys produce