About Addoncrop

What is Addoncrop?

We strive to provide our users with premium quality browser extensions having multi-browser support. They are completely free of charge, easy to use and innovative in terms of their working.
When developing an extension, our first priority is ease of use, that’s the reason our extensions are easy to install, have a user-friendly interface and are completely safe to use. We also provide consistent updates to make sure they work at their best at all times.

Addoncrop does not have any affiliations with any corporation. Our extensions are not available on web store because of their constantly changing policies.

The vision Behind Addoncrop

Our aim is to provide users with trusted and fully optimized browser extensions having a wide range of functionality to enhance their experience online. They get integrated nicely into the browser and are completely free of charge.

Availability of Our Extensions

Our extensions are available only on our website (addoncrop.com). The reason for this is the fluctuating policies of the Chrome web store. Any extension going against their policy is removed in a moment’s notice. Such continuous change of policies and removal of our extensions from the chrome web store led us to creating our own store.

Extensions on Web stores

Many extensions on Web stores are outdated, unoptimized and have no support from their developers anymore. Contrary to that, all our extensions are fully optimized, easy to install and use. We also provide support to users in case they run into a problem with the extension.

How to Install Addoncrop’s Extensions

Installing our extensions is very easy. You can view How to Install guide, it contains video details on the installation of our extensions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and other major browsers. The installation procedure is same for all our extensions.


If you find a bug, want to report an error, provide a suggestion or find something unusual in our extensions, you can contact our Support Team. A detailed contact form is provided for this purpose.