We have received so Much complains That some Chrome Extensions not working or suddenly stops working…We review each extension every week and ensure that Our all extensions is active and 100% working.. Finally we contact every user for collecting information about the problems they faced Regarding Chrome extensions. Its amazing 90% users have just a simple and same problem….

What is the Main Problem

As You Know we only provides Extensions in Opensource and users install it in developer Mode. Chrome don’t have any other way to install Extension from outside of Its Official webstore. For your information Developer mode is a way for Chrome Extension’s Developers to Build extension and testing.. Power users also use it as backdoor for unpacked extensions installation..

But every time When you will open Chrome, it might popup a message to ask you to disable the extension Running in Developer Mode, simply click Cancel to ignore it. If you click ‘Cancel’ that pop up goes away without making any changes to chrome or extensions installed in it.
It basically means there is a Browser Extension enabled that is not from the Google WebStore.

extension in developer mode

That 90% users accidentally Follow chrome Browser’s warning popup which caused Disable Extensions. Keep in Mind When a extension disabled it will stops working…
Some users try to install same extensions again and again which is already installed in his/her Chrome Browser. Please keep in mind if you install any extension From addonsCrop and its not working First visit chrome extension page chrome://extensions/ and ensure that extension is Enable. If its Disabled Then re-Enable it.

Watch simple 26 Sec Video Tutorial How to Re-Enable Chrome Extension

If Extension is enabled and its not working Then plaese Contact us here we will take action in 24 hr and will fix bugs

Please Discuss Your Issues Regarding Chrome extension Here we will reply as soon as possible Leave a Review

30 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Google Chrome Extensions

  1. super extension seul problème il faut faire annuler à chaque démarrage de chrome c’est énervant ! super extension. only problem, you have to cancel every time you start Chrome is annoying!

  2. videoplayback.txt file downloaded for video..
    and if i try to download it with idm it says “u don’t have permission to download this file—– forbidden”

    1. First of All you need to mention extension name regarding your problem… Next if you are talking about vevo and Sony videos Downloading… Today March 31, 2015 Problem is fixed Enjoy 🙂

      1. 😀 sorry. its youtube downloader(extension) from this site and i’m trying to download video from youtube.

  3. Brilliant!
    Privacy is a problem though….as my PC is used by multiple users.
    Password protection can me added!!

  4. I think the Vevo problem is back. My extension was working fine and a few days ago it startet to fail to download the video (the “videoplayback.txt” problem). An exemple:

    1. April 20, 2015 | vevo and Sony videos Downloading problem Fixed for YouTube

  5. I was trying to install the video downloader in chrome in “developer mode” and I received an error message that the manifest file was unreadable. Please help.

    1. ▒-Manifest file was unreadable-▒ This Happen when You select a wrong folder.. Please select correct Extension folder where extension’s Source file located…

  6. if you get the warning on secure sites (https) and it crosses the https url out, just ignore it, it means nothing, As long as when you start Chrome, you just cancel the warning message about “insecure scripts”, that is caused by the video downloader in developer mode. It’s better than not having the superb extension at all, so just ignore it. everything works fine, just ignore the messages and enjoy the extension.

  7. I solved it. There were two folders with same name. So I went back in and selected the other one. It’s working now! Woohoo!

  8. i had problem but i saw the extensions it waas disabled now its working i click enable

  9. Drag and dropped ext from this site with developer moded checked…looked good then after a few minutes chrome? flashed a box saying not approved. Tried checking unchecking dev box, no change, it would not let me check the use box for the ext. Used to work great so I think google is making their own fix to prevent its uses. Any thoughts…did a reinstall etc, repeatable events. Thanks

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