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Hotspot Security & Privacy VPN is trusted by over 120 million. users, and won the Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup of 2014. Join the world’s fastest growing VPN solution to unlock sites and enjoy advanced protection on the web!

Total Security & Privacy: Encrypts and secures all your browser traffic! Hotspot Security & Privacy VPN gives protection for you and your device whether you’re at home, on the go or using public WiFi.

Total Freedom: Unlock the internet with all its sites and and hide your IP by changing your location using our VPN.!

Total Speed: Benefit from our advanced data compression and experience maximum browsing speed with our built-in accelerators.

Why Hotspot Security & Privacy VPN is essential for your device
Hotspot Security & Privacy VPN can unlock the web , gives you free protection and encrypts all of your browser traffic. Change your location with our vpn to access sites in the web that are not available in certain areas. Hide your IP address and secure your traffic through encryption with a single click! It will always keep you safe. It is easy to use, secure and works everywhere – at home or in public Wifi – acting as your personal hotspot shield. Alternative services often only provide a simple vpn solution to unlock sites or hide your IP. Hotspot Security & Privacy VPN provides full protection, privacy and encryption on your device – for more freedom in the web and to be as safe as possible. Try it now for FREE!


Unblock any websites – Can’t access YouTube or Facebook at school or work? By using Hotspot Shield VPN Browser addon you can unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook or unblock any sites from anywhere.

Protect your IP address – VPN enables you to protect your IP address so you can enjoy private browsing and prevent hackers and spammers from monitoring your online activities.

Surf the Web anonymously – By creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and Hotspot Shield servers, Hotspot Shield enables you to surf the Web anonymously without being tracked or spied on.

Protect yourself from snoopers and hackers at WiFi hotspots, hotels, airports and corporate offices with the Hotspot Shield WiFi security feature.

Protect your devices from malware attacks – The latest version of our Browser addon now offers complete malware protection!

Supported browsers – Chrome | Opera | Yandex | Chromium base Browsers
For Chromium base Browsers which support Chromium extensions in Crx format please Click on Download for Yandex Button

Download for Chrome  Download For Opera  Download for Yandex  How To Install Help

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very strong 100% recommended!!!


Awesome Unblock every thing


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