Mostly extensions available on AddonCrop is not allowed to upload on Chrome WebStore.
That is why users install These extensions in Developer Mode. Chrome don’t have any other way to install Extensions from outside of Its Official webstore.

But every time when you open the Chrome browser you get the alert “Disable Developer Mode Extensions”. Basically its means there is a Browser Extension enabled that is not from the Google WebStore. Having Developer mode warning popup every time is very annoying as Hell

This is how to get rid of that popup appearing every time you launch Google Chrome

First step

Open Notepad,
Add the contents below to the Notepad (just Use copy past)
Save it to the desktops as .bat file ( name must b DevWarningPatch.bat )

Second & Last step

Make sure to close Chrome and end all chrome.exe processes.
Right click the batch file and run it as administrator: it will find & patch all applicable chrome.dll

Optional: Alternatively you can drag’n’drop chrome.dll onto the batch file

————————– END ————————–

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it doesn’t work for me on windows 10 and chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

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