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Dailymotion.com has a feature called Age Gate. This is on default turned at ON to prevent users from accidentally viewing on videos that are deemed “for adults” (not necessarily with profanity issues). You can manually turn it off and on anytime as you wish. Turning Age Gate on will show only the child-friendly videos while turning it off will show videos that may need an adult`s guidance. By tuning Age Gate on you are verifying that you are an adult of legal age in your country.

How it Works
But The Problem is Turning Age Gate Off! You will see Dailymotion video Thumbnails appear blurry… This extension Help you to unblur Dailymotion Thumbnails and you will see Thumbnails clearly. No need any setting Just install it in your Browser and Open DailyMotion You will see that every thing is clear now

Supported browsers – Chrome | Opera | Yandex | Chromium base Browsers
For Chromium base Browsers which support Chromium extensions in Crx format please Click on Download for Yandex Button

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