Warning for Chrome Users {Please Read it}

Next time When you will open Chrome, it might popup a message to ask you to disable the extension Running in Developer Mode, simply click Cancel to ignore it if you want to keep the extension. It basically means there is a Browser Extension enabled that is not from the Google Web Store.

Developer Mode Install History

Chrome WebStore Policies Changed every day.They don’t allow products or services that encourage, facilitate, or enable the unauthorized access, download, or streaming of copyrighted content or media. This is a big fool to users because other browsers Allow These Type of activities.

videos protected by copyright such as videos from Vevo, Warner Bros, Sony Music, etc is not Allowed to download. Youtube, Vimeo, Vkontakte Videos downloading is also not allowed. So Chrome team remove Every day Allot of Useful Extensions Which Violate Chrome’s Terms,

They also Not allowing Direct installing Chrome extensions from outside of Chrome Web Store, The only way to Install Chrome extensions from Outside is Developer Mode Installation Method. There is No any other way to install Extension in Google Chrome Browser Except Developer Mode.
Please Note: Never Except browser’s addon from any website in EXE Format.
Download only Opensource Browser’s Addon, Standard formats are Given
Chrome: Zip or CRX | FireFox: Xpi | Opera: Zip, CRX, NEX


Thanks for your understanding
Addoncrop Developers Team


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